Gradient is the power of Gravity!

Move the stars themselves in this atypical cerebral challenge from Red Sword Studios. Using only the power of gravity, you must guide a ship safely through a series of interstellar challenges. A special reward awaits anyone clever enough to solve all of the puzzles...don't ruin the fun surprise for your friends!

Why Gradient?

This game/simulation is built upon the effects of gravity. As the player, you control gravity by placing and manipulating a variety of astronomical objects to change the gravitational field in each level. These combine with the gravity and inertia of pre-placed objects in the level. When the gravity conditions are right, the ship will be able to reach the portal to the next level.

Are you up to the challenge?

Gradient includes 40 levels of game play, each which offers a unique gravitational puzzle. As levels are solved, new levels are unlocked. Players may replay any unlocked levels to find different and entertaining solutions, or solve the most advanced unlocked level to progress to new challenges and advance towards the game's entertaining conclusion.

No need to fear!

As a simulation, interaction and control are not your typical space game fare and you do not control the movement of the ship directly. But don't fret, as Gradient includes 7 tutorial levels to introduce you to the unique style of game play, controls and game mechanics.


Buy It!

Whether you are a deep thinker or just determined to win, we invite you to download Gradient and wield the power of gravity as your own. We at Red Sword Studios look forward to hearing your feedback and providing you with more great games in the future!

Keywords: Game, Puzzle, Simulation, Gravity, Space, Puns, Fun, Casual, Family, Smart