Let us suppose now that one day a helicopter flies over this community and drops $1000 in bills from the sky... - Milton Friedman

Government is dropping debt from the sky! Can you save what is left of the free market? Throw gold coins from the avatar of freedom to disrupt the cycle of spending for as long as possible before congressional pork destroys the country. But you must also be wary of an even greater threat; the giant Stimulus package that means Game Over for solvency!

Stimulus is a game inspired by the current economic misadventures of the United States government. Stimulus is designed to provide the player with both fun game play and humorous commentary on the economic follies of government over-spending.

In The Optimum Quantity of Money, famed economist Milton Friedman demonstrated that simply adding currency to solve recessions would fail. What Friedman didn't realize is that Stimulus isn't about fixing the economy, it's about getting largesse from the public treasury. In Stimulus government helicopters are dropping bags of bills from the sky, and if you don't knock them down they get picked up by congressmen and spent. When too much spending occurs, the game is over.

Save the Country. Have fun!


Copyright 2009 Red Sword Studios